Friday, September 10, 2010

Marva Collins

In an age of the "achievement gap," we should recall the accomplishments of a master teacher, Marva Collins. She profoundly changed the lives of her students by educating them; even those other teachers and administrators thought were learning disabled. This veteran public school teacher, who became disillusioned with schools, unions, and underachievement, refused to relinquish her responsibility to educate students.

Our Hall of American Achievers---Mrs. Collins is one of America's greatest gems. Cum Laude, with praise.

ASK ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING public information sessions

Are you a parent/guardian who's concerned about the academic achievement of your Lower Merion public school student?

Do you need a second pair of eyes to review your child's IEP, GIEP or 504 Agreement?

Are you concerned about whether your child is on grade level?

Is your child enrolled in courses called ISL, math labs, "active" or remediation?

That's right. Lower Merion students, parents, guardians and anyone with a questions or concern about general or special education can ask absolutely anything of the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia team and get answers. FREE public information sessions are taking place on Fridays, September 10, 17 and 24 from 2pm until 6pm at 92 Greenfield Avenue in Ardmore, PA 19003. Bring whatever paperwork is pertinent to your question and/or concern, including course rosters, transcripts, school program guides, individualized education plans, gifted individualized education plans, 504 Service Agreement plans, reports cards and the like.

Come to these free sessions. Get help sorting it all out.