Saturday, February 20, 2010

USA to Become First in World in College Completion by 2020

Building Blocks to 2020 is one of President Obama's many initiatives to reform public education in the United States. The goal is to make the USA first in the world in college completion. No more college dropouts. Well, sounds a bit ambitious. What will it take to transform a child in 2010 into a college graduate and working adult by 2020? At least, independent colleges are willing to work with the Obama administration to make this initiative a reality and success. Does this translate into increased supports for students, particularly those at risk of dropping out of college due to academic failure, financial need, or lack of support.

Another education challenge facing the Obama administration is the K-12 academic success movement; No Child Left Behind is still leaving millions of students behind. Let's see if the re-authorization of this law becomes a slam"Duncan" success.

Good news is way over due!